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Request a loan device in minutes and feel confident knowing your equipment is being provided by an industry leader.


To complete the process, you'll need the following things close to hand:

  • Your name, contact and address details
  • A credit card

 Service Express

Once you've completed the form we will:

  • Send you a notification SMS and Email detailing the contract
  • Withdraw the agreed amount from your supplied credit card
  • Post you out your selected device
  • Create a job in our system with tracking information available for you to see

Now that you have the details ready, let's get started!


Select the product family

Service Express can provide a range of loan products tailored to your specific needs. Please select your product family to continue.

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Customer Details

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Contact Details

How can we easily get in touch with you? Please remember that we may need to speak to you about your claim. We may need more information about the fault, or your assistance with unlocking your device.

Please note : Service Express will regularly keep you updated via either SMS or email. We use an automated SMS and email updating system, so providing us with mobile phone numbers and an email address is preferred.

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Address Details

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Once your job is in our system, we'll need to arrange for the device to come into our logistics centre. We'll either send you out a physical courier kit (directly to your postal address), or we'll generate an electronic postage pack and send it to your email address.

Freight Choice(*)

Please choose a freight method

Would you prefer a physical postal pack, or would you like a digital pack to be mailed to you? If you choose a digital pack, you will need to take your product to the post office. If you choose physical pack, a courier will come to you and collect it.

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Claim Details

Important: We need to identify your claim details so that we can correctly assess or repair your equipment.

Please provide us with the following information:

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Policy Number
Please enter your nuPlease note that we will need this information before your claim has been finalised.

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Please upload a copy of the invoice for your covered product.


Equipment Details

Now that we know who you are, we need to get more familiar with the equipment that we'll be assessing.

Please fill in the following details:

Important! Please make sure your serial number is accurate! We rely on your serial number to ensure that your device is fully tracked.

Please select your brand

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Model Code
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Extra Details

What type of physical condition is your equipment in?

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Also, your password would be appreciated for testing purposes (if applicable).

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You're Almost Done!

Finally, it would be great if you could provide some insight into the problem you're having. The more detail that you provide here, the faster we will be able to figure out what's happened.

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Additional Notes
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You're all done!