Details on how to return goods

Goods can be shipped FREE (packaging not included) at your nearest Australia POST outlet using the Parcel POST link below or can be returned to your nearest Harvey Norman store or original retailer for processing

Please include your power cable and power adaptor  ( check and remove any SD or USB memory cards)

Do not include 3rd Party software or products that where not in the original box 

If your product is an Apple device please ensure “FIND MY DEVICE” is deactivated - we cannot process your device until this feature is turned off

Desktop and All in One computers should be taken directly to your nearest store

The goods you are sending us have been identified as being capable of retaining user generated data . Service Express takes no responsibility for the safekeeping or loss of any user generated data

The correct packing box is available at Australia Post  - Do not send your original box 

We recommend SKU # 44865   ($2.27) available at Australia POST
Parcel Box - Extra Large - 440 x 277 x 168mm

Please include the Job number as supplied in your SMS message for both the Order number and Return number on the next page